Drunken Classics

Zui quan xiao yao

“Before the body is in motion, the momentum must be found for movement. In the sober styles this is the intention of the Yi acted out. In the way of Zuiquan this momentum arises from the opponent’s intent, not your own. In solo practice the body must begin movement blown by the wind of the mind.

Once in motion the body needs to be heavy and loose. With a single ripple reaching all the extremities.”




” Qi should be stimulated and spread outwardly.
Shen should be calm and retained inwardly”. – Great Master Wu Yuxiang wrote. These sober words are the same as our most important saying “Mind Sober, Body Drunk.”

” 气应被激发,向外扩散。

Master Wu also wrote:
“No part should be defective or incomplete.
No part should be concave or convex.
No part should be broken or disconnected.”

“A broken guord holds no wine.”

“The rooting is at the feet. Not in the ground, study the ankles and the circling of the bubbling spring (yongquan kd1). Imagining trees roots will make you slow. Heavy is not slow, it is relaxed, light, and fast.”



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