Move first

“If he moves, I move first.”

There are a lot variants of this saying out there. Many different interpretations and causes to say it as well.

“dantian moves first”

Most often this means that the centre of the body torques and creates a ripple of movement and force. This is then expressed from the hands.

In some schools there is a teaching of Pre heaven power “dantian in the feet” as well. The feet initiate movement and then it accelerates through the body in a cascade of muscular contraction. It’s longer distance from beginning of the movement to end allows for greater generation of force.

So how does one “when he moves, I move first.”?

Well, what moves first is the question. The answer is the mind and its intent. The initiation of intent sends the body into motion.

This is a pretty subtle part of movement but we have all done and seen it ourselves. The widening of the eyes, the neck extending and forehead dropping. Knees sinking into the feet. All the signals that a person is making the decision to attack.

This is the space we have to practice our own entry methods in. With fast opponents who will give us the training of interrupting their initiation of movement over and over. Until we get a skill for it.

“move second, arrive first.”

The combat workshops I’m going to be teaching in August (USA) will be focused on this method of gaining initiative.

Good Times! I hope we can all learn together!

For info about the workshops. Email:


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