Upper and Lower Follow

Making the upper and lower body mutually follow one another is not easy. First off because it can have different interpretations. One method is the leg moves first, dantien second, upper body third. Another is to have the left and right sides cross linked through the torso so they can move at once.

This line of thinking can lead to a great deal of power, rooting and mobile body structure.

Another way we can see this shows us something about simultaneously leading and following. How can these two things take place at once?

In training drunken fist style inside and outside leading one another means internal momentum creates external momentum. As well as external momentum creates internal momentum. The movement at the waist ripples outwards to the hand. While any impact or impetus upon us is engaged with and redirected into our own momentum within.

This is how a person can learn to lead themselves in the world. Without a real understanding of our own internal state. We cannot expect to gain the external result we hope for. If we cannot join with incoming situations or conflicts. We cannot understand how to use them towards our own and everyone’s best advantage.

“The upper and lower body mutually follow one another.”

This can also be applied to another more ephemeral model rooted in china’s martial and philosophical traditions. To take the example of buddhist teachings which are deeply embedded in the martial arts. We need to look at the three bodies.

The coarse body is the physical one we identify with. The subtle body is the mind and the chatter and music we hear in our heads. It is also our focus and concentration and knowledge and emotions. The super subtle body is like the idea of a subconscious. A part of us we know is our deepest beliefs and attitudes. It is this part of us that leaves the body at death and goes on to be reborn.

The rebirth however is influenced by the beings karma. In this case meaning how enlightened is that super subtle bodied being hurtling towards rebirth? The more enlightened one is the more lucid one can remain through the process and thus, find a better rebirth than the last one ideally.

You can see the upper and lower mutually follow throughout martial training, mind training, and even leadership coaching.

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