A Rats Funeral

Seeing a writing prompt on Reddit I decided to try writing a short story about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The tightly bound broom handles seemed to hold the weight of the coffin as it gently rocked on the water. Floating slowly away from the abandoned subway platform the hand carved casket seemed ugly now. Even though Donatello spent sleepless days carving it just so. It seemed now like something a child had modelled out of clay.

Xian Long silently began lighting the arrows the four Masters were drawing into their long bows. He stepped back behind them, as was his place, and the silence screamed with the singing war arrows striking the coffin and setting it aflame. The burst of the gunpowder huffed in the ancient tunnel and engulfed the funeral raft in flames. Master M. Dropped to his knees and openly wept at the sight of his Father’s casket burning. Xian hurriedly gathered the masters bows as they comforted their brother.

“Mike, you alright?” Raph said as he kneeled down next to him. His knees popped like gunshots but he would kneel in seiza one more time for the old man. They only owed him everything afterall. Their entire lives possible only because Splinter knew the only way they would survive would be together. He as much as them.

Michelangelo screamed. The Sound of Thunder filled the tunnel – One of the True Skills Master Splinter had entrusted him with. It rang in two tones and dust rattled from the century old bricks and mortar. Xian Long fell instantly and his unconscious body bounced on the cement with a crack.

“Michelangelo! The hell is wrong with you?!” Leonardo shouted as he sprang towards their unconscious student. The pool of blood was growing under his head and when Leonardo rolled him into a recovery position, it was obvious Xian Long’s nose was broken.

“You could have killed him! You blundering moron! What fresh hell is this that after everything, EVERYTHING! Everything Sensei taught us, gave us, and rightfully took away from us. Your out of control emotional bullshit is STILL hurting people you love!” It was obvious Leonardo’s skilled hands were shaking as he set their students nose back in place while berating his brother. Xian Long woke with a start as his Master reset the bone in his nose.

“Holy Shh, what the hell?!” Xian Long stuttered waking to the sickening sound of his own nose being set back into place.

“Mike shouted the sound of thunder in his agony. It was an acciden…” Xian Long interrupted Sensei Leonardo. “I know Sensei M. would never hurt me. I also know he loved grandmaster more than anything in this world, even April. We have drank a lot of wine together he and I… Is he going to be ok?”

“How many fingers you got?” Leonardo asked.
“Yeah how many kid?” Raphael shouted.
“Heh, four fingers ? Five ?” Donatello chimed in as he walked towards Leo and Xian, a small grin breaking his funeral mask.

“Four eyes, four fingers, two feet…” Michaelangelo spoke and his baritone voice filled the underground chamber. All the mirth disappeared from the old game they used to play to cheer up the student they all shared.

Michaelangelo continued, his brothers growing silent.

“And a heartbeat.” Michelangelo paused letting Master Splinters words hang in the air. “All that is needed to be Ninja.”

The silence hung in the air while they all watched the flickering light from Splinters River Styx.

“Tony’s ?” Raph asked.
“For real? Order pizza? At a time like this?”
“Especially at a time like this.”


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