Taiji Not Tai Chi

Ji as in Taiji. Not tai chi or 氣 that character is another thing altogether. Ji 極 is the point of transformation between yin and yang or yang and yin. Literally, it shows the ridge pole of a house. The upright where the roof peaks and moves outwards and down. Up one side and then Ji and down the other side.\


The points of transformation between the two major energies, or rather ideas of yin yang becoming one another is the study of Taijiquan. At first, the student is taught movement that is well structured and rehearsed. Then that movement needs to be studied from different points of view. In the case of studying physical moments of Ji observing when arms raising becomes are lowering, left becoming right, forward becoming back, outward becoming inward. Every movement in the art has these qualities and they can be felt and seen to be categorized as yin or yang primarily.


It is the moments of transition where gongfu skill resides. Moments that are alive and changing, transforming. Ideally transforming the opponent into a more… Reasonable person.


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