First time I was ambushed…

The first time I was ambushed in sparring it ended with a knife at my throat.Master Ma would carry things in the pockets of his jacket (Xiao Pao- Kung Fu coat) and sometimes in sparring he would suddenly be armed. The knives were dull and the stars were rubber and the sleeve darts were blunt. But they all would appear and dissapear randomly in the club. Sometimes Shifu would hand it to one of us to use in sparring that night.He talked about it teaching two things. One is the awareness of your surroundings even when in combat. Weapons are everywhere and can be improvised easily or hidden. And two was the change in demeanor, intent, fear when a knife was suddenly introduced. Introducing a knife in this way when sparring keeps the whole club on their toes. Sharper awareness becomes the norm for everyone if they know there is the potential for ambush.Good skills and of course you get to practice hiding a weapon, drawing it quickly, and it’s use. Plus the fun of using that weapon on an opponent who is unarmed, likely having a fear reaction, and will likely try run. How to deal with having such a huge advantage like being armed against an unarmed opponent is good food for thought as well.#mafamily


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