18 LoHan Palm

18 Lohan Palm is a system I was very lucky to come across in 2002. My gongfu brother Daniel was looking for a Chinese doctor for some treatment and due to his reputation met Dr. Chen Qi Ming. After Dr. Chen examined him and was chatting with him martial arts practice came up and that Dr. Chen taught a weekly class for patients was mentioned. Daniel called me right afterwards and told me he would introduce me to Dr. Chen that Sunday. Daniel knew I would love the whole vibe, training with a Chinese Doctor in an invitation only class in Chinatown and he was right. After our introduction Sifu and I meshed really well and I got to start learning his Lohan.
Not only did Sifu begin teaching me Sundays but after I would teach my school Wednesday nights I would meet him at his clinic (http://www.mtrhc.com/) in the evening and he would train me privately. Usually around midnight he would take me out for night congee and we would chat, luckily for me his daughter was always available to help with translation as my Chinese was no where near good enough to do it without her. So many people involved in this great gift he passed on to me.
So for the past 15 years I have trained with him, finding not only that the information and system was amazing and possesses a depth I love but that he himself is a real true human being, compassionate and patient with me and all my questions. He has been the example for me in many ways I attempt to live up to.
The system itself consists of a standing hand form, self massage sets, meditation, seated form, seated massage and a stretching set and advanced meditative practices including breath control, mudra work and longevity exercises. Sifu has now retired from teaching and has asked me to write a book on the style and to teach it to help keep it alive as his daughters are both practicing Chinese Doctors and don’t have much time to teach. But it is more than that, over the past fifteen years I have practiced and deepened my practice of the art and found many of the answers he would give me like “wait and you will see.” about certain benefits come to fruition. One of the greatest gifts / benefits it has given me is real willpower and a great help in controlling my mind on my search for self (Neigong).
So I plan to write the book soon as I finish the drunken book I am working on (so close to done…) but also want to try and spread the art in other ways. I have some video discussion and practice on my youtube channel and in my online course, but want it to be as available as possible as well. So I plan to write and share what I can from start to finish about the style. I hope it can help other people in the same way it has been able to help me.
One of the vids : HERE

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