My Gong Fu Birthday!

Today, Sept 2, 2016 is the 30th anniversary of when I started training martial arts. I remember very well my first class and how it made me feel, the excitement and awe I had for the culture, skills and workouts we did. I felt different that day, like I had met the thing my true self wanted more than anything else.

Now here I am 30 years later and standing on the precipice of the adventure I have always wanted to go on. My backpack & sword ready to head to Nepal and India to teach and share martial arts with members of the World United Martial Arts Assoc. (WUMA)

It’s amazing to remember my 11 year old self and how much he loved martial arts that first day and now being able to travel the world, share what I have learned and discovered is something I have worked for my whole life. I am so thankful to all my teachers and gongfu brothers and everyone else along the way who helped me get here.


Montage Video of ME!

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