Xinyiliuhe Ten Animal Shapes …

Something from my new Xiniliuhe course. Its an interesting art as it comes from things backwards to most traditional arts. Single movements and single steps are taught and then combined into drills, then two person drills until finally they are seen taught in forms at the end of a students progression. The forms act as examples of combinations for fighting but also larger themes throughout each one. For instance Bear and Eagle fight for survival is mainly about opening and closing the body, the cyclic nature of yin/yang demonstrated and trained. The Ten Animals form is generally taught last and shows the therianthropic or shapechanging nature of the style from animal to animal, allowing nothing to become habit but instead natural. Weapons and such are generally worked into the training as the player goes through each shape, movement, animal and then drills.
I personally love the style, I started xingyiquan first and trained the five elements from the Yuan Dao line for years and found that really paid off when I started training xinyiliuhe. They are interelated styles and work so well to cross reference one to the other for deeper understanding. Although xinyiliuhe is much more rare than xingyi I thought it may help people even who are not interested in trying to learn some or all of the art by training with me or on my course, to have access to a few vids on youtube to use as cross reference for their training. In my experience it is cross referencing that has allowed me to most deeply understand anything I practice. This share is my two cents to help other people towards that goal for themselves. Hope it helps. Enjoy.

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