Martial Arts & Crafts of Character

Read a friends Facebook post this morning about his Kung fu family not supporting his pursuit of skill through training. It struck me that his family perhaps is missing the point of the familial ideals.
As a martial family we should support and be happy for any of our members who pursue or succeed in any aspect of life towards their growth and happiness.
The strongest elders in the family help everyone including the weakest to move forward and cultivate themselves into a better more whole person. As with the weakest and youngest of the family should support and respect their elders as they too are striving to find themselves through cultivation, training and actions. Everyone is just doing their best and we should always remember that- no chain is stronger than its weakest link and so our families need to love and support each other, not just when convenient but when it’s difficult, when people need support the most.
A real kung fu family teaches us in microcosm about the bigger picture. Service to others, compassion and support in hard times is worth its weight in gold. As we grow and become elders ourselves we need to realize the example we present and live our best life. Pursue our dreams and remain human.
Kung fu family is training to become solid members of the human family as a whole. Our personal gain is not to be jealously sought after but an example to look to.
There is no competition, you cannot “win” at training, or life.

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